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Types of Books
Personal Chronicles' customized books blend tales about personal experiences with photos and details about the time and place in which your story occurred. 

Since all books are custom-made for you, together we can design a book that meets your unique specifications.​ These descriptions of possible book types provide an idea of some of the possibilities: 

Anniversary Retrospective: Create a book that includes a chronicle of the couple’s love story, a special collection of wedding album photos, reminiscences from bridal party members, an almanac of what the world was like during their magical year, and a brief story about the couple’s happily ever after.

Anniversary Retrospective Deluxe Edition: This special edition includes all of the features of the standard Anniversary Retrospective, as well as individual mini biographies of husband and wife before they met, mini histories of the neighborhoods and towns where they’ve resided, and chronicles of their union decade by decade, covering their family life, careers and other life experiences. Tributes from family and friends may also be included. This special volume is liberally illustrated with photos to help capture the couple’s story through the years.

It’s been said that if we don’t preserve people’s stories, they disappear within two generations. When you save your history, you create a priceless gift for your family.
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We can design a project that matches your goals and fits your budget
An example of an Anniversary Retrospective Deluxe Edition
Autobiography: Let Personal Chronicles serve as your “ghost writer” so that you can record an account of your life in your own words from your own perspective. Round out your story with a selection of photos. 

Biography: Personal Chronicles can capture your subject’s life story through interviews with family, friends, associates and the subject himself/herself if desired. Plus we’ll select the photos necessary to produce a fully illustrated volume.

Birthday Retrospective: Chronicle the highlights and significant milestones of a life to-date. Includes biographical narrative, photos, and mini histories of the places and institutions of importance to the subject. 

Memory Milestones: You choose the length of this book, which includes photos and can be tailored to mark a significant birthday (50 memories for a 50th birthday) or other special occasion (25 memories for 25 years of service to the company). Memories can include mini histories, reminiscences, recounting of special events, memory narratives, or other creations tailored to your specifications.

Side by Side Memoirs: In this clever compendium, the musings of husband and wife are crafted into side by side reflections on childhood, dating, marriage, parenthood, work, travel and any other topics on which they’d like to expound.

Tributes: Gather the reflections and reminiscences of family, friends, co-workers and associates to mark someone’s special occasion. A great way to put into words the special feelings people hold for the subject being honored. Photos illustrate the tributes. 

Not ready for a book yet? Personal Chronicles also offers interviewing services. We can record interviews with you or your loved ones to ensure that memories and personal histories are preserved for posterity. These interviews can later serve as the foundation of a book or simply become a cherished oral history for you and your family.

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